Durham: Renowned the World Around! Health. Wealth. Progress. Success.

As our community continues to emerge from perilous times, I believe that Durham can do better than it has ever done in its vast 168-year history. 

Durham deserves Better. Better Businesses & Jobs. A Safer Community. Better Health & Wellness. A better future for us all.



I am Sabrina "Bree" Davis, Mayoral Candidate and adoring mother to 7 year old son Djoser. I have lived, worked, played and witnessed rapid changes in the Durham community for more than 11 years. Originally from sunny South Florida, I moved here for the opportunities and history that Durham celebrates. I have a wealth of experience and have worn many hats over my diverse career.

I’m a Social Entrepreneur and Researcher, with well over a decade of experience in implementing Poverty Reduction solutions using innovations in Technology & Entrepreneurship.

A born Creative, I am also a Digital Producer & Visual Artist producing my first docushort on Author and Anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston's experiences in Durham and Chapel Hill during the Summer of 1939. I also enjoy playing the violin and composing eclectic music.

Experienced in Global Public Health & Policy, Law Enforcement (as a former Communications Officer), Social/Clinical Research and Community Organizing.

I have received numerous awards and accolades for my dedicated work locally, nationally and globally. As well as shared in the honoring of others who have worked tirelessly for humanity. I have always been an advocate for our community’s vulnerable, misunderstood and neglected with measurable success. I also will offer to share with you my hardships that many in Durham are currently braving.

Like many Durham residents, I have been tragically affected by gun violence. I have been housing & food insecure. Had barriers to reliable transportation. I have experienced un/underemployment and fallen through the gaping cracks of a fractured Durham Social Services system.

What makes me the best candidate for Durham's next Mayor?

Simply, I am a woman who knows how to overcome adversity with faith to create a better future for myself and others.

I know how to triumph over obstacles and tragedy.

With unrelenting determination, I will work to secure a better and stronger Durham with;

Better Jobs & resources to Businesses, Better Health & Wellness for our families, and a Safer Durham for us all.

Thank you for joining in creating and securing the vision for a better Durham in this historic election!

With Love,

Bree L. Davis, MPA

Candidate for Mayor of Durham